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Design options for a blue manicure on a ballerina uniform

Pointe shoes, coffin, ballerina - a single name for gracefully sawn marigolds in the form of a smoothly narrowed square. Stylish solution:

  • visually lengthens short phalanges;
  • adjusts the fullness of the fingers;
  • visually expands the nail bed;
  • emphasizes the healthy look of the marigold.

Fashionistas, do not pass by the richest in shades of color! Colorists who claim that blue is cold are often wrong. For girls of summer and spring color type of skin, warm tones of sea wave, Prussian blue, classic jeans, topaz are suitable. Owners of a cold appearance prefer the appropriate halftones of cobalt, sapphire, electrician, cornflower.

The incredibly beautiful blue nail design on the ballerina promises to come out thanks to four trendy combined variations.


Demanding blue will not resist the shocking tandem with shimmer powder, which forms a mirror-glossy surface. The luxury of brilliant shine perfectly reveals the deep beauty of color. Add a touch of celebration to the look - season nail art with decorative elements on 1-2 nails (broths, voluminous flowers, drawings, stickers, artistic patterns, etc.).

With rhinestones

Does the soul require glamor balanced by aristocratic sophistication? Create unique nail designs with imitation cobalt gemstones. Play with colors, textures, sizes and shapes of rhinestones. A winning combination will enchant those around you with dazzling splendor.


Presentable color stretching of shades firmly holds the highest pedestals of fashionable Olympus. Use universal matching colors to create beautiful iridescence, look for your favorite combinations. Or personalize the manicure with bright finds, "dilute" with neon varnishes, non-standard accents.


Sprinkling "ballerina" marigolds with sparkling glitter sand, crystal pixie chips, shining broths is the best solution for creating a luxurious manicure. Glitters ideally complement the color of the base coat, allow you to experiment with the filling area, layout patterns. Try chaotic streaks, form snowflakes,stars, stylized flowers, butterflies, etc.

Matte blue ballerina manicure

Matte finish is a priori considered exquisite. Agree, in the blue version, the beauty of marigolds in the form of a "ballerina" increases significantly. Use the boldness of muted tops for stunning nail designs.

  • Monochrome in tones suitable for skin type.
  • Combined with matching colors: white, yellow, red, gold, silver
  • Textured, flocked, acrylic powder, matting powder.
  • Decorated with 3D decor (viscous, stucco elements).
  • Painted with artistic painting, patterns.
  • Complemented with themed inscriptions, interesting sliders, a shiny accent note (rhinestones, rubbing on individual nails, broths, half beads, glitter).

We give a hint to women of fashion who want to visually lengthen the nail plate. Matte blue ballerina plus glossy vertical geometry is the perfect recipe!

Among all kinds of design options for marigolds, we single out the blue ballerina, from which it is impossible to look away. We have demonstrated that manicure is equally beautiful in monochrome, duets and designs. Therefore, take on board the ideas of our beauty bank, please yourself with beautiful and stylish nail art.


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