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Goth Makeup

Goth makeup became really trendy right after the wave of popularity that horror films with vampires, zombies, werewolves and other devilish characters met. Horror heroes blew the minds of makeup artists and the fans of gothic culture, and they began to use similar images and shades in makeup: wine-colored lipstick, bloody-colored stiletto nails, lenses that change the eye colored, as well as the thick layer of eyeliner applied to the lower eyelid.

Goth makeup is definitely not suitable for everyday wear, but it is a great option for theme parties. White, black, red, brown & marsh colors are commonly used for such makeup. Eyes can be lined with large black wings (sometimes black & gray). You can use blood red, dark or pale shades of lipstick, deliberately pale foundation, and if you’re bold enough, you can even bleach your eyebrows.

Basic Products You’ll Need for Goth Makeup:

• well-pigmented eye shadows - a dark palette;

• foundation – 2 or 3 shades;

• lipstick: from red to gray;

• lip pencil;

• powder;

• a full-coverage concealer.

Want to attract the attention of those around you with your new makeup? Take a look at some new ideas in the photo catalog of goth makeup on our website, where you can also book an appointment with a makeup artist from your city.


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