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Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

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The bob hairstyle with bangs is so versatile that dozens of haircuts are created on its basis, performed in a wide variety of techniques. Despite the fact that the haircut is not very long, it suits almost everyone. The most important task for the master is to choose a silhouette that emphasizes the dignity of the appearance. hosts many works of stylists from all over the world. Choose your favorite bob hairstyle with bangs and make an appointment with a master from your city.

A bob hairstyle combined with bangs helps to create a simple and effective face framing. Such a square is ideal for business meetings, romantic evenings, parties.

Bob with bangs: bold fashion looks

  1. Long bob.
  2. Contrast length and bangs.
  3. Straight bangs combined with a straight cut of hair.
  4. Asymmetric bangs with well defined horizontal strands.
  5. Long bangs will look spectacular with a square "on the leg".

The mixture of various techniques has made the hairstyle truly the basis for original and model styling. On its basis, unique images with graduations, modern cascades and even asymmetry are created.

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