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Pixie bob is a haircut that refreshes the image and makes it possible to create a new hair look every day. It is characterized by elongated hair strands in the front section, more volume at the top of the head and shorter hair at the back of the head. It’s most often chosen for short and medium-length hair. The haircut emerged as a symbiosis of two types of hairstyles, which are the ‘pixie’ with plenty of asymmetrical shapes and the classic ‘bob’ haircut.

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Pixie bob is one of the trendiest and most in-demand haircuts in 2020. A haircut with bangs always looks spectacular, stylish, emphasizes charisma and uniqueness of a female look, because hair that is styled like this is super light and airy. Pixie bob is suitable for women of all ages. What’s more, it will do for an office look, hitting the gym and any special occasion.

Pixie Bob Haircut: Benefits

Besides the fact that this hairstyle can make a woman look absolutely adorable every day, the pixie bob has a decent list of benefits.

1. It does not require long styling. For example, it would be enough just to apply hair wax, foam or mousse to damp hair. Then the hair is dried a little with a hairdryer and the perfect hairstyle is ready.

2. Makes it possible to feel confident, look stylish and attractive.

3. It is an excellent solution for a business look.

4. Makes ladies look younger than their age.

5. The hair which is cut this way reveals the face and neck, emphasizing the graceful feminine silhouette.

So, the example of a pixie bob type haircut shows us that correctly placed accents will greatly help to hide some minor imperfections of the appearance. In particular, you can emphasize the bend of the neck, open the ears, and beautifully style the hair, adjusting the facial features. Cutting bangs will also transform the look. The pixie bob will look impressive with a long, oblique and feminine bangs.

The Pixie Bob Haircut: Styling Options

It is not difficult to create a gorgeous styling even in winter, when the hair are hidden under the hat 24/7. It is enough to ruffle your hair with your hands or fixate it with a hair spray.

The haircut can be styled:

• ‘carelessly’;

• in a ‘messy’ way;

• according to the latest fashion.

Getting a such a haircut, women usually get a great chance to constantly experiment with their hair looks. For instance, they can color some of the hair strands using highlighting technique or dye them juicy colors. It is actually better to give your preference to red, chestnut, and crimson color shades. Different tones of cold shades will also look great.

You can add a touch of boldness and dynamism to the image by complementing the pixie bob haircut with adding an asymmetric cut, or shaving lines or patterns on the sides.


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