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Long Length Haircuts with Bangs

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For several years, the leading position has been occupied by thick straight bangs. There is an opinion that the best haircut with bangs is for long straight hair. However, there are many more varieties and styles of haircuts for long hair with bangs.

For those who prefer sharp transitions, bangs are cut slightly below the eyebrows. It should be laid with an iron, slightly tucking the bottom.

For straight long hair, thick bangs are very suitable, starting from the crown of the head and reaching to the eyebrows. The romance of the image of a girl who wears such a haircut will be transmitted even to her character. Gentleness, and at the same time, straightforwardness is a positive personality trait, isn't it?

Retro haircuts have long been in demand among all generations. To replace the extravagance that is filled with women's fashion magazines, girls increasingly prefer the unchanging style of Mireille Mathieu and Marilyn Monroe.

In the season 2022-2023, fashionable haircuts for long hair with bangs are still relevant. Take a closer look at the photo, how beautiful you can style your hair, what smoothness, what shapes! In such haircuts, the main thing is styling. Using a hairdryer and a round comb, straighten your hair starting from the crown and tuck the ends inward slightly. Better yet, contact the expert on our website.

Are torn bangs natural or eccentric?

Once a fashion designer made a haircut with torn strands. Then no one expected that in the future such an element would win the hearts of the most ardent fashionistas.

Of course, neatness is always in fashion, especially since business women prefer it. But the kind of negligence that is felt in fashionable haircuts with torn bangs is an amazing combination of style. It is a desire to show that you are happy with the look without any styling.

Isn't it very tricky? As if you would like to tell the whole world: "I don't care what you think of me!" This is the direction conceived by the leading masters.

Torn bangs can be oblique, straight, thick, sparse. In addition, it is believed that such a bang will emphasize the individuality of the correct facial features, enhance the brightness of the eyes and make a woman more predatory, sexy.

Trendy haircuts with torn bangs, relevant today:

  • bob,
  • square,
  • quirky pixie,
  • cascade.

It is desirable that torn elements are notonly in the bangs, but also in other details of the haircut.

On, haircuts for long hair with bangs from the photos of the works are provided by hairdressers-stylists from all over the world. We offer to find a master in your city and sign up online for the provision of hairdressing services.


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