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Crop features

If we stick to the original translation, crop means "cut short." When cutting, the elongated hair remains on the top of the head, the bangs are short (combed forward), the hair is cut short or shaved at the back of the head and temples. One of the important differences in haircuts is the specifics of the design of the bangs paired with a voluminous crown. You can see vivid examples with crop on our website, choose the master you like from your city and apply for services.


There are several varieties of crop haircuts .

  • Smooth. The bangs, cut in straight lines, smoothly merge into the crown region. A classic for guys with straight hair. Cropped bangs are ideal for those with oval and square faces, while options with asymmetric bangs will make your face look rounder.
  • Textured. Torn bangs and layered overhanging strands. Randomness and negligence create the impression of a natural haircut. The bangs can be of different types: torn, straight, but only of uneven texture.
  • Mixed. This is where previous variations are combined and combined.

Haircut techniques also differ. To create the effect of uniformity, the hair is cut at the top of the head with a ladder and strands are trimmed after one or two. This makes the hair tips look like saw teeth or neat feathers.

Crop haircut is male, more often it is preferred by owners of straight hair. Women who love extravagance also paid attention to the men's haircut.

Crop haircut for women allows you to create a daring and stylish look. A distinctive feature is the shortened temporal and occipital zones, thick hair on the parietal part. As a rule, such options are not suitable for everyone, as they require the exposure of places that are considered problematic. Fans of short haircuts will love this crop.

A regular crop is considered a youth crop, although this is far from the case. This option, like many other short haircuts, is suitable for women over 40, and even over 50 years old. The point is in the remarkable effect that allows you to rejuvenate and "remove the extra ten years."

The conclusion is simple: a crop is a versatile haircut that suits almost everyone. If you are young and ambitious, crop will definitely do the trick. You alreadyan adult who took place in life and wanted to drastically change the image? Choose a crop!

The haircut is easy to perform. To do it well, you need to have skills in the field of hairdressing. Basically, the back of the head and temples are cut short. Most of the hair remains in the frontal part. The hairstyle turns out with smooth transitions and looks spectacular.

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