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Makeup Removal: How to Take it Off Properly


Makeup removal is an intrinsic stage of face care. Timely makeup removal helps to keep your skin healthy and fresh-looking. If you skip this procedure, the skin on your face will become dull and dry, leading to wrinkles, clogged pores, and inflammation. Let’s learn how to remove makeup thoroughly and properly.

Why You Need Makeup Removal

Makeup removal is the process of getting makeup off with special products. The procedure is meant to cleanse your skin and prepare it for the application of skincare products. Proper makeup removal helps maintain the fresh look of your skin.

Makeup products contain chemicals that can be damaging to your skin. If you don’t take off makeup at the end of the day, you risk facing the following problems:

  • irritation
  • clogged pores
  • inflammation
  • acne and blackheads
  • puffiness
  • reddening.

Skipping out on this crucial skincare step may lead to grayish face color and premature wrinkles. Removing makeup before bed is a must-do.

5 Basic Rules and Common Mistakes

Let’s look at some rules on how to remove makeup and not damage your skin in the process.

  1. Pick products that suit your skin type. For oily skin, experts recommend getting makeup off with gel products or micellar water and using a special toner, avoiding oil-based products. Those of us who have dry skin should go for milk cleansers and steer clear of alcohol-containing products.
  2. Buy high-quality cosmetics from reliable brands. Using ineffective makeup removal products will lead to irritation, blackheads, and dry and flappy skin.
  3. Wipe makeup off with massaging movements from the center of the face.
  4. Cleanse your face step by step. Start from the lips, move to the eyes and then to the rest of the face.
  5. Makeup removal products should be used in a particular order as well. Cleanse the face with a remover first, then treat it with serums and toners, and wrap it up with moisturizing cream for your skin type.

And now let’s look at some common makeup removal mistakes many of us make.

  1. Washing your face with cold or hot water. The water should be warm.
  2. Rubbing your skin with a towel after washing it. Rubbing damages the skin. Better dry the skin with dabbing movements.
  3. Removing makeup with a cotton pad soaked in a cleanser. Here’s how you should do it: apply the product to the entire face with massaging movements (especially milk, gels, and similar products) and wipe it off with a clean cotton pad.
  4. Scrubbing makeup off the face. Don’t press down on the cotton pad. Move it gently to avoid damaging the skin. To dissolve makeup products better, keep the pad in place for some time. This tip is especially useful for long-wearing makeup products.
  5. Don’t keep cleansing products on your face longer than 20 seconds.

Step-by-Step Makeup Removal Tutorial

To keep your face healthy-looking, remove makeup step by step: starting from the lips and eyes and moving to the rest of the face and the neck.

Lip Makeup Removal

Lipstick should be the first to go. Use a cleansing product and then wipe it off your lips with a cotton pad for convenience. Try to do this carefully, in the direction from the corners to the center. Don’t press or rub, or you risk damaging and irritating your lips.

Eye Makeup Removal

Removing makeup from your eyes is the most responsible step. The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive and does not have a protective lipid layer, which is why it gets easily damaged and is prone to premature wrinkles. First, softly take off eye shadow in the direction from the outer to the inner corner. Then put a cotton pad soaked in remover to your eyelids for 15-20 seconds and wipe off mascara with soft strokes from the roots to the tips of your eyelashes.

Face Makeup Removal

After taking care of your lips and eyes, go on to cleansing the rest of your face. If you have oily skin, wash your face with warm water with foam, gel, or mousse. Beauticians recommend using cosmetic milk for dry skin as it removes impurities and cleans pores without making the skin dry. After cleansing your face, use a toner of serum suitable for your skin type.

Neck Makeup Removal

To clean the foundation of powder from your neck, use cleansing milk, micellar water, or makeup remover wipes.

Finish the routine by moisturizing your skin. Use face and eye cream that suits your skin type.

Makeup Removal Products: An Overview

Makeup removal products are meant to take off cosmetics quickly and effectively. It’s not difficult to pick suitable products for normal skin. Just keep in mind your age and the needs of your skin. People with skin problems should consult with a dermatologist first, who will take the necessary tests before recommending proper cleansing products.


Cleansing foam is a gentle product that removes cosmetics leftovers, sebum, dust, and dirt. In addition, this product helps to deal with some skin problems like

  • inflammation
  • acne
  • oily shine.

Foam has a smooth consistency and penetrates deep into the skin. The formula contains gentle and safe components that ensure good cleansing and reliable care.

Micellar Water

It is another popular cleansing product that efficiently deals with makeup and impurities. This product contains micelles — particles that form substances that capture impurities.

Micellar water does not make the skin dry as it doesn’t contain alcohol and strong chemicals. Manufacturers often add other substances to micellar water that help deal with inflammation, irritation, dryness, and flaky and oily skin. Don’t forget to rinse off micellar water.

Dual-Phase Cleansers

A dual-phase cleanser consists of oil- and water-based components. The oil-based one helps to dissolve the makeup products on your face. It usually contains natural oils and does not cause allergies or irritation, which makes it safe for people with sensitive skin.

The water-based component helps to remove the oily film and get rid of the sticky feel. It often contains herbal extracts that not only clean but also care for the skin.

Hydrophilic Oil

Hydrophilic cleansing oil is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It quickly dissolves makeup products, gets rid of dirt, nourishes the skin, and deals with irritation, and flaky and dry skin.


Cleansing cream is a versatile product that removes the remains of makeup and water- and oil-soluble impurities. It does not make the skin dry and prevents wrinkles.


Cleansing milk is a go-to product for people with dry, normal, or combination skin. It effectively takes off makeup and moisturizes the skin, preventing flaking and irritation.

Makeup Remover Wipes and Mitts

These are special wipes soaked in a cleansing formula. You can use them instead of standard cleansing products for removing makeup from your lips, eyes, and face. They are convenient on the road as they don’t take up much space and can be used anywhere on a face.

Summing Up

Makeup removal is an essential part of a skincare routine and a healthy habit. Don’t skip out on it. Be careful to avoid mistakes and follow basic rules. Buy high-quality products for your skin type, follow the proper procedure, and take extra care of the sensitive skin around the eyes. This will help you avoid irritation and acne and keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

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