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Korean Haircuts: The Best Choice for the Young and Stylish


Stylish Korean haircuts are all about deliberate messiness, volume, and unusual approaches to styling. Thanks to the immense fame of k-pop, Korean hairstyles have gained popularity worldwide and can be seen even on celebrities.

Characteristics of Korean Haircuts

Korean haircuts have something to offer for both women and men. They look natural and neat and are easy to style.

Haircuts in the Korean style look especially good on straight coarse hair of dark shades: black, dark brown, and red.

Specific Features of Korean Haircuts

  • Choppy ends. The secret to this look lies in a simple technique. Choppy ends give more volume to thin hair and make the haircut a bit messy. Such haircuts are also easy to style.
  • Asymmetrical haircuts with bangs. The result is an absolute success. Asymmetrical haircuts look stunning on men and women and do not require much care.
  • Undercut. This bold haircut suits both men and women. The look can be changed drastically with the help of various styling techniques.
  • Textured and layered haircuts. Separate strands of different length give a haircut a fashionable volume.
  • A bowl cut has become a trademark haircut of Koreans. It features longer voluminous hair on top and very short hair around the temples and on the back of the head.
  • Grunge is a go-to for those who want a Korean-style haircut, but can’t find one for their wavy hair.

Bangs in Korean Haircuts

Bangs are a common and important element of many Korean haircuts. They allow for doing various hairstyles. Let’s look at some popular types of Korean bangs:

  • Light wispy bangs. They divert attention from minor imperfections in appearance.
  • Face-framing wispy bangs. They work well with straight hair, a bob cut, cascade and layered haircuts.
  • Mod bangs. This variation of blunt bangs typically reaches the brows or even the lash line. It is a perfect option for elongated oval faces and helps to conceal a high forehead;
  • Choppy bangs. They can be long and short. This type is perfect for a round, oval, or square face;
  • Thick bangs. Such bangs go well with haircuts on any hair length. They are a favorite of people with an oval, long, or rectangle face.

Things to Consider before Getting a Korean Haircut

A haircut should match the type and structure of the hair, flatter the shape of the face and the look in general, and bring out strong aspects of appearance. Korean haircuts are perfect for thick straight hair. Unfortunately, curly hair cut in this manner won’t hold hairstyles for long.

Choosing a Korean Haircut for Your Face Shape

  • People with an oval face will rock any haircut;
  • Haircuts hiding the cheekbones and the outlines of the face will flatter a round face. A long bob on long straight hair is an ideal option;
  • A long bob hides wide cheekbones on a square face;
  • A triangular face will benefit from an asymmetric haircut with textured bangs.

Trendy Korean Haircuts

One of the most popular haircuts in the Korean style is a choppy layered bob. This haircut features many angles, transitions, and an undercut. It is a striking look for confident people.

Fans of dramatic changes will definitely love haircuts in the anime style. The techniques for men’s and women’s anime-style haircuts are almost identical. Unusual coloring can add a touch of eccentricity.

A romantic feminine look in the Korean style can be achieved with the help of curls, thick bangs, braids, ponytails, or buns. Stylish Korean girls pay special attention to hair color. Their ever-popular favorites are dark and red shades, however, bright colors, highlights, bleached ends or separate strands are also in.

Korean girls change their look not only with the help of styling. They also pick matching accessories:

  • bright bows and ribbons;
  • clips with pearls, pins, elastics;
  • wide headbands with prints.

The Korean beauty culture offers many trendy haircuts for men:

  • asymmetric haircuts with long bangs;
  • a long bob that is a common pick of athletes and adventurous guys;
  • funky hairstyles – a perfect option for everyday wear. The hair on the top of the head is often styled in the form of a mohawk, calling attention to the undercut – the focal point of this manly look;
  • haircuts with jagged layers. Strands of hair are cut with sharp movements of a razor to create messiness and a rebellious feel;
  • the bob and pageboy hairstyles that accentuate the eye shape.

The advantage of all Asian haircuts is their versatility. Even a mohawk can be turned into an office-appropriate hairstyle, and long bangs that reach below the eyebrows can be easily remodeled.

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